About Portsmouth Cruise Port

Portsmouth International Port is Britain's most used and best connected ferry port due to its easy access to the most used major routes to France, Spain and the Channel Islands. The port is mainly used for ferris and cargo ships but is also used for commercial cruises.

an interesting fact about this part is that it imports almost all of the bananas eaten in the UK!



Getting to the port is very simple and easy. The motorway runs straight up to the entrance to the port and the port is well connected to the rest of the country through railways. London Heathrow is located only 66 miles away and London Gatwick is also only 80 miles away. Both airports are connected to the port by a motorway network. the port is also only 75 miles from London making the journey not too long.

When passengers arrive at the cruise port, they will hand in there luggage to the staff who will transport it to their ship by truck whilst the passengers wait to board. once the cruise ship is ready to be boarded, the passengers luggage will be all ready in there rooms waiting for them!

Being so easily connected, transfer to and from any London location or airport is more than manageable by taxi. PAC will provide the smoothest and care-free transfer there is to offer for this destination.

Picking up from Portsmouth Cruise port, our experienced drivers will meet and greet you with a welcoming smile and board reading your name. They will then show you to the vehicle, then transfer you to your desired destination comfortably and smoothly.