National Gallery

National Gallery

The National Gallery is arguably London most famous and recognizable art museums. Located in Trafalgar square and founded in 1824, the museum is home to around 2400 pieces of art ranging back to the 1300's all the way to the 20th century. The Gallery is proud to say that it is a non profit charity. They say that the artwork is the possession of the British public and that they should be able to come and see these amazing pieces free of charge as they please. Donations are accepted by the gallery in order to keep it up and running.

The National Gallery, Contrasting to other European Galleries, was built form scratch to be the gallery to hold 40 paintings that were purchased by the government in the 1800s from a very wealthy insurance broker. The gallery was built and paid for through donations and help from other galleries across Europe. As the gallery became more popular the government decided to start purchasing more and more paintings to fill the Gallery with.

Nowadays it has become a major tourist hotspot and also a popular place form art students to visit on school trips or on their own for inspiration.

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