Tower Bridge

About Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is London's most famous bridge and one of the cities main attractions. it is a bascule/suspension bridge and was completed in 1894 and took around 15 years to build. This iconic symbol of the city crosses the river thames close to the famous Tower of London. 

The bridge is accessible to vehicles and also to pedestrians. The bridge features two twin towers with high-level walkways and a Victorian engine room. These are all part of the Towers Tour service which.

Some Interesting Facts


The public high-level Walkways were closed down due to lack of use as most people preferred to walk on ground level


A pilot was forced to fly in-between the two twin towers during a plane emergency.


The bridge began to rise whilst a bus was still on it, this forced the driver to speed up and jump the gap as the bridge was opening to stop the bus from being crushed.


Tower Bridge was decorated to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee.