Prices to Oxford Street

About Oxford Street

Oxford street is arguable Londons most popular street. It is situated in the City of Westminster in western Greater London. The street sees an incredible 500,000 visitors every day!

Tourists come from all over the world and even the locals can't help themselves when they hear about Oxford Streets 300+ hughstreet shops ranging from clothes to the electronics and much more.

Oxford street has many rivals when it comes to shopping hotspots, for example, Westfield.

However Oxford street always manages to stay on top with its many USP's. The street boasts many beautiful original listed buildings and is also famous for its annual christmas lights display that runs the whole length of the street. 

Due to extreme traffic problems on the street, TFL have placed rules in order to keep things moving. For example, private vehicles are not aloud to enter the street during the week at daytime hours and also all day saturday!

They have also worked to improve pedestrian crossings.

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