Shaftesbury Avenue

Shaftesbury Avenue

One of London's most significant streets, Shaftesbury Avenue. This amazing street is located in Central London in Camden. The street stretches from New Oxford Street all the way to piccadilly circus. It derives its name from Anthony Cooper, the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury.

This historic street was first built up in the last 1800s. Its main purpose was to create a better traffic flow through the busy areas of Soho and St. Giles. Its second purpose was to play a large role in a plan to reduce the amount of slums in London. The streets construction hit a road block when the city was finding it hard to related the residence of the slums that were being destroyed. The street is known as the beating hearth of Londons West End theatre industry as it is the one to some of the most famous theatres in london:

  • Lyric
  • Apollo
  • Gielud
  • Queens
  • The Shaftesbury

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