Liverpool Street Station

Liverpool Street Station

London Liverpool Street Station is a railway and underground station in north east Central London. Liverpool street is famous for being one of London's busiest train stations. This is due to it being the home point for West Anglia trains to Cambridge, Great Eastern Train to Norwich, Stanstead Express train to Stanstead Airport and local commuting lines from London to outer ares such as Enfield and Cheshunt. 

London Liverpool Street is the UK's third busiest train station, only surpassed by Waterloo Station and Victoria Station. All three if these stations are located in Central London. In 2014 the station served over 63 million passengers.

Liverpool Street station was designed to be the brand new home station for the Great Eastern Railway. The Great Eastern Railway was originally homed in Shoreditch. However it was located in a very poor and down trodden area which was keeping the company target audience of young business people away. This is what made them decide to plan to build a brand new Central London Station to attract more high class London commuters. The station was designed to have 3  levels. the two above ground levels would be used by the Great Eastern Ralways service and East London Railways service. Below these levels would be a level for the London Underground portion of the station.


In 1895 Liverpool Street was home to the largest number of platforms of any terminus station in London. Although the station was first seen to be more of an expensive building made just to look good, the train station soon started to hold its own. 10 years after it was built the station was working at full capacity, operating around 600 trains every day. This great success forced the Great Eastern Railway to find some new land next to the station in order to start to expand and create even more platforms. In 1890 work on the expansion began and they were planning to add eight new tracks and platforms. This meant the station now had the most platforms of any railway station in London, Until it was overtaken by Victoria station in 1908.

The station was extended by around 70m to the east. This also opened up space to build new shops and office space in the station, bringing more and more tourists to the area. they also extended the roof over the new section.

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