London Kings Cross

London Kings Cross

London Kings Cross Station is train station located in northern Central London. The station is one of the UK's busiest train station due to it being the southern terminus for major railway lines to Northern England and Scotland.

The Great Northern railway opened London Kings Cross to the public in 1852. The Station gets it name from its location in Kings Cross. The station very quickly became one of London main Railway stations and was subject to many expansions 19th century. in 1923, the "Big Four" movement meant that the station changed owners which brought a host of new services  (Flying Scotsman and locomotives). The station underwent a massive redevelopment in the 1970. This redevelopment gave the station a simpler and more aesthetically pleasing layout. This also allowed the station to become major home station for the Inter City Line.

The area in which the station is located, in the early 20th century it was known for it downtrodden and seedy characters. This meant there were many major films based here. In the early 21st Century the station underwent another major re design which gave it a brand new roof and brand new furnishings, this also made it become famous for being used in Harry Potter!

Kings Cross is across the street from St Pancras International Hotel, and both of these buildings are situated onto of Kings Cross St Pancras. Underground tube station