London St. Pancras Station

London St. Pancras Station

St Pancras Station is a popular and modern Railway station Located in Kings cross, London. The station is the neighbour of Kings Cross Station.


The stations main attraction is its beautiful Victorian architecture which attracts tourists worlwide. The station is a Grade I listed building which means it is registered and cannot be changed or altered in anyway and is situated next to the British Library and Kings Cross station. The station shares an underground tube station with the latter neighbour.

The station was first opened to the public in the 1860s by the Midland Railway Company In order to be its main lines home station. This connected London through tramlines to the Eastern Midlands and also Yorkshire. When the station was opened, it featured the largest train shed arch at the time.

The station managed to escape plans to demolish the building, however this forced them to spend around £800m over 6 years (2001 - 2007) in order to completely renovate the station and make bring it inline with the other major London terminus.Once renovated the station was opened with a large ceremony with the public and also the Royal Family. The station also opened a new service that ran the Eurostar line to Europe. Today after all of its expansions the station boasts 15 platforms and many other services such as a small shopping centre, and a coach and bus service.